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Rhode Island Qualification

The State of Rhode Island does not have any training requirements but there is a live fire qualification with a certified firearms instructor. 


The applicant should be able to demonstrate safe firearms handling and shooting.

The applicant will be required to qualify by shooting a pistol or revolver 30 consecutive times at an "Army-L" target from a distance of 25 yards. Each shot will have a maximum value of 10 and having a maximum score of 300. A minimum score of 195 is required. 

The applicant may qualify with any handgun they have available to use. The caliber of firearm that is used to qualify will be the largest the applicant would be allowed to carry.  If a 9mm is used to qualify, the carry permit is restricted to 9mm and smaller.

Applicant may bring own handgun and ammo or use a Glock 19 Gen5 9mm or Glock 30 Gen3 .45acp and bring the appropiate ammo. 

The Cost for the Rhode Island Qualification is 75.00

This includes the application, Instructor endorsement for qualifying applicants, copying of documents and notarizing of application and affidavit.  Copy certification of documents.

Bring Home State carry permit

Bring 2 of the following 

               Drivers License

               State ID 

               Birth Certificate

               Valid Passport

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